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ÆGIR consist of two founding members : Priscille Beguin et Adrien Momplot.

Priscille Beguin : is an engineer. She was trained at the National Institut of Apllied Sciences of Lyon (INSA de Lyon) and more specialy in the LGCIE-DEEP laboratory. Her works on the Ecully spillway led to the establishment of a numerical law connecting the water level upstream and the spilled flow, law currently used by Grand Lyon to estimate the discharged flow. Priscille then worked on water managment in the technicals services of Chamalières.

Adrien Momplot :  as a PhD in Civil Engineering, specialized in Urban Hydrology. Trained at INSA de Lyon, his thesis was specificly on the use of 3D RANS method for modeling the sewerage system and the hydraulic phenomenons in it. He has validate the reliability of this method for ths purpose (determination of influential parameters, uncertainties on the results , models sensitivities).