A partnership with a laboratory

ÆGIR has a partnership with a reserch laboratory : LGCIE-DEEP, which enable us to stay at the top of the reserch and innovation.


Our partmentship is an every day enhancement. The technologie and scientific watch they provide us, enable us to ensure you the quality of our methods and results. We daily question our know-how, and we train ourself hanks to the laboratory to bring you the best of reserch and developpment in hydraulic engineering. Furthermore, this strong link with the LGCIE-DEEP allow us to offer you trainings ahead of their times.

A strong calcul software

Ansys Fluent support partner. By using Ansys Fluent software, we garanty the strenght and reliability of a complexe and fundamental model. This reliability is fundamental for the quality of the datas. The choice of Fluent had been made because of years of reserch on this european leader software.


Selecting Ansys Fluent as our support software it’s resting on the best and most influent fluid sorftware on the market.